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Press Release Myths

by Kevin Nunley

There are a lot of experts telling you what and what not to do with a press release. Most of it is excellent advice, but there are a few insider tips they are missing.

Recently a PR expert wrote advising me to stop telling people to use press releases. "The media is so busy that a press release is the last thing they have time for," she said.

On the contrary, most media folks are constantly looking for good stories and information. Most don't care how they get it. Even though media gets too much mail, too many phone calls, and an avalanche of email, they are always short of great stories.

Back when I did a radio show in San Francisco, a homeless guy would tape his pencil-written essays to the front door of the studio. Did I scan them for something I could use on the air? You bet.

Another press release truism tells you not to call an editor and ask if they received your press release. True, this is at the top of many editors' pet peeve lists. However, nobody gets anywhere in media without being persistent.

Media folks move up into prestigious organizations and high-paying jobs by calling and emailing prospective bosses over and over. Find a media pro with an impressive track record and you'll likely find someone who is a real pest when shooting for a new job.

Be persistent and be there when an editor, writer, producer, or reporter finally decides they have a need for your story.

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