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Search Engines Look For Content

by Kevin Nunley

More and more, search engine computers READ your site. While titles and meta tags can be important, your web page's copy can make the difference in how your site is listed on major search engines.

Your copy needs to do two things:

1. Your copy should include the words customers will use to search for a site like yours. People also search with phrases. You'll want to include those, too, in your copy.

Concentrate on no more than five keywords and keyword phrases. You can work in more than five, but it will keep you from achieving our next point.

2. It does you no good to get listed high on search engines if your copy doesn't interest and sell visitors when they find you. We've all seen sites that were trying so hard to use their keywords over and over that the copy didn't make sense. Strike a happy medium between keyword rich copy and copy that reads well.

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