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Niching with Different Website Entry Pages

by Kevin Nunley

One reader wrote to ask why some web promotion experts say "Never send people directly to your website's opening page. Always send them to an entry page."

By having different entry pages, you can customize your look and copy for specific groups of people.

Let's say you sell products to the general public and you also sign up people to distribute your products for a cut of the profits. The headlines and copy you use to interest a product customer will probably be quite different from the way you pitch someone interested in your business opportunity.

Different entry pages also allow you to get more search engine action. Most search engines favor sites that have a lot of information on a specific, narrowly defined subject.

I have to say, though, I can't figure out why so many sites have an entry page that is nothing more than a big graphic with a link to the main page. That seems to me to be a big waste of a good marketing opportunity. Have your entry pages clearly tell readers what you offer them. Give them some exciting copy. Don't make them click through several pages to find out what benefits you offer.

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